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Krista Butt


Krista is the current president and co-founder of the Heritage Chilliwack Society.


Her passion for local history started early in life as a summer intern at the White Rock Museum and Archives. After high school, Krista went on to pursue a Diploma in Applied Museum Studies in Ottawa, Ontario. This educational experience offered her the chance to work in organizations large and small including the National Gallery of Canada,  The Ottawa Art Gallery, The Museum of Civilization, and the Reynolds Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. After moving to Chilliwack in 2001, Krista became involved in local heritage advocacy projects and has enjoyed learning about Chilliwack's rich history.

Shawna Maurice.jpg

Shawna Dwyer

Vice President

Shawna joined the Heritage Chilliwack Society in the fall of 2021 and is in her 2nd term as a board member.

Being relatively new to the community of Chilliwack, having moved here in 2019 to fulfill the role of Executive Director of the Chilliwack Museum & Archives, she has dedicated the last three years to learning as much as she can about the history and community of Chilliwack. This journey also brought her to the Heritage Chilliwack Society. Having worked in the arts, culture, and heritage sector since 2009, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our board.

Shawna has two young children who she is looking forward to raising in the community of Chilliwack and who are involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities, enjoys hiking & backpacking with her partner, and is completing an MA in Heritage & Social History. She is looking forward to working with the Heritage Chilliwack Society to help connect the community with its history! 


Monica Braun


Monica joined the Heritage Chilliwack Society shortly after its incorporation in 2014 and became a board member in the fall of 2015, taking on the duties of Secretary.


Having spent the past 20+ years restoring and renovating old homes, Monica has a deep appreciation and love for the architecture, craftsmanship, and idiosyncrasies of old buildings. She and her husband, Brad, are the proud 'caretakers' of Skelton House, a well-known heritage home in Chilliwack. Having taken the house through the heritage designation process shortly after purchasing it in 2017, Monica feels they have added a layer of protection to their home, especially comforting given the current trend of demolishing properties for redevelopment.


A teacher by profession, Monica is a strong proponent of advocacy through education. She is particularly pleased with the society's new school program, which helps to fund classroom teachers' heritage related field trips...because you're never too young to appreciate heritage!

Verna - .png

Verna Harron


Verna joined the Heritage Chilliwack Society shortly after its incorporation in 2014 and became a board member in the fall of 2015, taking on the role of treasurer.


Verna is the fourth generation of the Webb family in Chilliwack. She grew up here and throughout her life listened to tales of years gone by. So, when she moved back to Chilliwack in 2014 and heard that a Heritage group was forming, she was sure to be there for its first meeting. It saddens her to watch houses and buildings known to her during her childhood to be demolished and she wants to be part of Heritage Chilliwack Society to promote and retain our heritage in this city.


Lynda Wiebe


Lynda joined the Heritage Chilliwack Society in 2021 and is our interim director for 2024.


Lynda is the third generation of the FG Leary family and 4th generation of the E Manuel Family. 
Lynda grew up in Terrace, BC and remembers making the long drive down to Chilliwack pretty well every summer to spend time, firstly, at her grandparent's house on Reece Ave and then out to the Leary cabin on the waterfront at Cultus Lake. Those were very special times for her and her family. She always knew they were getting close to Chilliwack when they saw the black and white cows grazing in the fields and the hops growing on the long pole lines.

Lynda moved to Chilliwack in 1976, married in 1979 and moved to Abbotsford where she worked at the Scotia Bank and then had a Bed and Breakfast for a few years. Weekly trips back to Chilliwack continued until her mom passed away in 2014. She then moved back to Chilliwack in 2015, joining HCS in 2021. 

Lynda is  proud of her Chilliwack roots and has a keen interest in anything to do with history.

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