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We have come a long way since our society was founded in 2014. Heritage Chilliwack Society continues to play a leading role in heritage information, engagement & advocacy in our community.

If not for the support and efforts of the board of directors, volunteers, members, and community at large, we would not have been able to continue the mission of our volunteer- based organization. For this we thank you.

In 2019 the City of Chilliwack established a Heritage Advisory Committee, after a number of decades without one. Our organization has advocated for this committee since our inception. The committee will help Mayor and Council make informed decisions on heritage issues in our City.

Chilliwack’s heritage is important to the healthy culture of our community and a foundation in the creation of livable and attractive neighborhoods – and is now evident in the redevelopment of Chilliwack’s Five Corners. Algra Bros. Developments is re-purposing several commercial heritage buildings while adding new housing and retail spaces to the mix in the downtown core. The development community realizes that retaining character-filled heritage buildings in their projects adds value and enhances new developments. Another win for heritage.

Our society continues to grow – and we look forward to welcoming new members throughout the year. Members enjoy sharing information, meeting with like-minded people, hearing special guest speakers and attending community events where we share our passion about Chilliwack’s history and heritage.

New to Chilliwack? Please join us! We meet at 7 pm on the first Thursday of the month at the Royal Hotel.

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