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Valentine's Day is once again upon us this month. Although the origin of this annual holiday is not clear, February 14th has historically been a day to proclaim your love and affection to friends and lovers; a day filled with all things romantic and sweet. We celebrate love, romance and passion on Valentines Day.

But being passionate about something means not limiting your feelings, expressions and emotions to just one day a year. If you are reading this message, chances are you are passionate about Chilliwack’s heritage and if you are like me, your passion cannot be contained to just one day a year.

Passion shapes who we are and exposes to others what is important to us and what our true beliefs are. Embrace your passion. Explore your passion. But mostly do not be afraid to express your passion.

In our heritage group you will find others that share a similar passion as you; an enthusiasm that grows and becomes contagious as you go through day-to-day life.

This spring you have the opportunity to show us your passion! Grab your cell phone or camera and capture images of the heritage that surrounds us. Maybe it’s a beautiful magnolia tree in your neighbourhood that you admire every spring. Perhaps it’s a cute little cottage tucked away behind a well-tended garden that you walk by everyday. Express your passion by taking and sharing images of Chilliwack’s heritage. Send your photos to Your images may appear on our website!

As Vincent Van Gogh said so eloquently, “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

Share your passion with those around you. May your passion for Chilliwack’s heritage continue to guide you through 2022.


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